Victoria House of Palms

PO Box 4886 

Victoria, TX 77903

Executive Director


Victoria House of Palms Executive Director

Category: Management 

Compensation: TBA 

Location/Department: Victoria House of Palms, 108 Marilyn St., Victoria, TX

Status: Exempt


Scope & Purpose of Position:

The Executive Director is charged with the responsibility of fulfilling the purposes and implementing the program and operational goals of the Victoria House of Palms Maternity Home.  


Day-to-day management and overall leadership of Victoria House of Palms, a crisis pregnancy and maternity home for young women ​



  • Fundraising and financial management ability

  • Ability to work with boards, other churches, the broader community and the leadership of FFC

  • Be capable of providing leadership and spiritual guidance to staff and residents by word and deed. 

  • Significant experience working with young women

  • Be available and on call 24 hours a day. 

  • Must have a pro-life stance and can maintain a neutral stance on adoption /parenting in order to allow the mother to make her own decision to keep her baby or choose adoption. 

  • Be a person of demonstrated integrity, maturity, and sound judgment, capable of establishing and maintaining a sound administrative structure.

  • Be a committed Christian woman.  

  • Shall not be the perpetrator in a substantiated report of neglect or abuse. 

  • Able to maintain confidentiality for staff/Board/residents/supporters.

Job Description:     

  • Be responsible for seeing that the philosophy, purpose objectives, and established policies and procedures are carried out. 

  • Be responsible for supervision and evaluation of all staff. Complete quarterly and annual evaluations as well as probationary reviews.  

  • Employ and discharge members of the staff according to established personnel policies.

  • Prepare, submit, and administer the budget and be responsible for budget development.

  • Be responsible for financial overview and disbursement.

  • Become trained in and be fluent in the Destiny Management System and the Baldrige Integrated Management System. Implement the operational processes through these management procedures. Ensure through supervision, tracking and training that all home programs meet program outcomes and deliverables.    

  • Hold monthly staff meetings to discuss plans and to interpret policies to the staff. 

  • Be responsible for all federal, state, county, and city requirements for the proper functioning of the ministry. Ensure compliance with federal, state, and local guidelines. 

  • Participate in public relations activities on behalf of the ministry. Must be skilled in public speaking.

  • Be responsible for continued evaluation and development of all programs. 

  • Organize a program for the continued training and development of the staff, and be responsible for approval of all staff opportunities for training, retreats, and other activities beneficial to the staff and ministry.

  • Be responsible for maintaining personnel records in accordance with state regulations.

  • Be flexible to fill other staff positions when needed.

  • Attend monthly Board Member meetings as requested.

  • Participate in professional development opportunities.


Apply for the Executive Director position by sending a resume and cover letter to


Maternity Home Resident Coordinator

Category: Management/Caregiving 

Compensation: TBA, includes all-bills-paid housing for Resident Coordinator only.

Type: Regular Full-Time 


More information about this job: 

Overview: This position will require living onsite with two days off per week.

Location/Department: VictoriaHouse of Palms, Marilyn St., Victoria, TX

Status: Full-time, Exempt

Scope & Purpose of Position:

The Resident Coordinator is charged with the responsibility of creating a Godly Christian home atmosphere and be firm but loving in relationships with the residents of the home. She will realize some of these young women may come with issues resulting from economic poverty, various forms of abuse, and the new challenges of having to maintain academic discipline at this difficult moment in their lives. 


Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform essential functions.

The Resident Coordinator is required to live at the home with two days off each week. The regular days off will be during the school week: i.e., Wednesday and Thursday. Every other month, a weekend off will take the place of the mid-week days. Although the position requires living at the home, we recommend staying at a different residence on days off to ensure complete rest.   



  • Be a committed Christian woman

  • Be qualified on the basis of personal character to work with expectant/young mothers and on their ability to serve as part of a team. 

  • Be 23 years of age or older

  • Be a high school graduate

  • Have a valid "Class 1or 2" Texas Driver's License

  • Have had one year of experience involving the supervision of a group of teenagers or experience of a practical nature in working with youth.

  • Be capable of providing leadership and spiritual guidance to each of the young women according to her specific needs.

  • In her attitudes concerning teenage pregnancy, the Resident Coordinator should have a neutral stance on adoption vs. raising the child, but must have a pro-life belief.

  • Be able to provide evidence of financial responsibility

  • Shall have a sympathetic understanding of each young woman and her unique situation.

  • Shall not be the perpetrator in a substantiated report of neglect or abuse. 

Job Description: 

  • She shall provide spiritual leadership to the young women and oversee devotions each weekday. 

  • Shall have responsibility for the day-to-day activities of the home and care of the young women.

  • Maintain upkeep on house and van as much as abilities allow. Initiate repair requests and give to Home Director.

  • Maintain a comfortable and clean house with the assistance of the residents.

  • Schedule various activities of the home, including responsibilities as well as special programs.

  • Help the young women meet appointments and other responsibilities. Know where each young woman is when the woman is outside the home.

  • Help monitor leisure time activities, including monitoring of TV, music, phone calls, and visitation. 

  • Provide a means of physical exercise and recreation to the women. 

  • Set an example of a loving Christian woman able to guide and direct the young women.

  • Assist each woman in developing her gifts and talents by recognizing such gifts and lending encouragement and praise. 

  • Enroll each young woman in the local school or GED program. Assist the Director with tutoring needs. 

  • When applicable, maintain necessary contact with teachers and attend conferences and school functions. 

  • Maintain a Christian environment that is joyful, relaxing, and peaceful.

  • Maintain an attitude that promotes availability to the young women.

  • Try to be aware of each young woman's emotional needs; work to help them enter into the activities of the home and improve their self-image. 

  • Enforce family guidelines and discipline in a loving manner. Work with skill sheets to combine discipline and reinforce positive behaviors. 

  • Set up and maintain work schedules geared to running an efficient home.

  • Assign daily household duties to all women. 

  • Working in conjunction with the Director, assume responsibility for food budget and ensure proper food supply and management of funds. 

  • Plan and supervise preparation of well-balanced meals. Keep log of meals served. 

  • Be willing to assist women through labor and delivery, if labor coach is unavailable. 

  • Teach women good habits for personal hygiene and home maintenance.

  •  Share responsibilities with Director for representing the home by making presentations to local church and civil groups.

  • Be willing to minister to boyfriends and /or birthfathers as opportunities arise. 

  • Attend any workshops or conferences that are recommended to increase skills and staff development. 

  • Be responsible for making all necessary medical appointments and providing or arranging for transportation to all necessary appointments and activities.

  • Be responsible for maintaining an up-to-date medical file on each young woman.

  • Be responsible for notification of appropriate people for medical and other emergencies as well as birth of her child.

  • Be responsible for working with the Director to ensure that all state regulations are met. 

  • Work with Director to hold and record monthly fire drills.

  • Share responsibility with the Director to greet volunteers/intakes/visitors when they come to the home.

  • Participate in formulating each young woman's Individual Service Plan and review weekly with the caseworker and Director each young woman's status, progress, family situation, status and relationship to the alleged father, and plans for her child.

  • Be responsible for financial accounting and vouchers for the young women. 

  • Be responsible for the houseparent/resident coordinator account. 

  • Assist each resident in walking through her pregnancy. Help determine when it is necessary to go to the doctor, emergency room, etc. 

  • Assist each resident in caring for her child. Help in developing a plan with each resident if there are problem areas in her parenting.


Interested applicants please send resume, references and cover letter to Include on subject line, Resume for Resident Coordinator.

Victoria House of Palms Maternity Home is pursuing licensure through the State of Texas and is a subsidiary of Life At Its Best Foundation. 

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All volunteers must be able to attend a volunteer training, obtain a clear background check with fingerprinting, and sign the VHOP Statement of Faith. If you'd like to volunteer, email Pastor Larry Helms with your name, phone number, interests, and availability.