Victoria House of Palms

PO Box 4886 

Victoria, TX 77903

Mission Statement

We are a 24/7 Crossroads community residential maternity home that instills faith-based confidence and vision in expectant teens and teen mothers, moving them from instability to stability. Success is when each young woman commits to living a life of responsibility - who loves God, her child, and herself.

Vision Statement

The Crossroads community recognizes ALL life is created in the image of God; where the generational instability of teen pregnancy and poverty is eliminated; and most importantly, where Godly vision is encouraged in the “NEXTGEN” and the “GEN-after-NEXT.”

why we need to be here

The Gap in our Community

  • 50 teenage students within the Victoria Independent School District (VISD) become pregnant every year.

  • Approximately 25 out of 50 will become homeless.

  • Many quit school and go to work at a minimum wage job to care for their newborn.

  • There is a 51% chance teen moms will not finish their high school education.


These statistics lead to a "generational curse" of poverty, most likely leading to the next generation of unwed/unplanned pregnancy and poverty. 

The Girls We Can Help


The VHOP program accommodates up to 7 teen moms who can commit to a faith-based program of self-improvement, self-sustainment, and the protection of the most vulnerable in our society - their babies. We select our young mothers by how well they exemplify honesty, respect, and a willing heart.


According to experts who work with these teen moms, the most important thing we can do to improve their chance of success is to provide a "normal" household. Our newly remodeled property in Victoria, TX, will be the physical location for the House of Palms-Victoria. There, we will provide a "new normal" for these young mothers so they can complete their work for a high-school diploma. But it gets better!


As these young women graduate and are accepted into Victoria College, the University of Houston-Victoria, or any one of several internship programs with local area partners, we are prepared to care for these women until they are self-sustaining. 

reaching the Next Gen...

and Gen after Next

Developing a Foundation of Trust

We provide a lovingly-structured environment where moms and babies may continue developing physically, mentally, and spiritually.


Read below for more information on how an experience at the Victoria House of Palms can bring hope to pregnant teen girls.

  • Modeling the best business practices from Heartbeat, Intl.

  • Staff and Board trained in “Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence”

  • Partnership with the educational community

  • Resources and sponsorship from Faith Family and other local area churches

  • Broad-based community support

  • Basic necessities and Medical provided

  • Highly-skilled volunteers

  • Internships with local businesses




Providing a Stable, Nurturing Environment

  • Private, furnished rooms

  • Quality nutrition

  • Safety, security, stability

  • Medical care

  • Basic life, parenting, social skills

  • Cooperation and teamwork 

  • Job interview and job environment skills 

  • Academic study skills

Encouraging Spiritual Development

  • Prayer

  • Sunday and mid-week services made available

  • Weekly Bible study

  • God’s plan for marriage and family

Support for Emotional and Physical Health

  • Anger Management

  • Celebrate Recovery for pregnant teens

  • Counseling services/case management

  • Education on the effects of abuse

  • Health and fitness

  • Nutrition